So you want to be a Freelance Translator?

So you want to be a freelance translator? Have you got what it takes? I’m sure you do, it’s just that the latter was a question I often asked myself at the start of my own freelance journey. Having just finished a four-year degree course in applied languages and translation at one of the UK’s top universities in this subject field and having fantasized about being a translator since my teen years, I felt I was well equipped to integrate myself into the freelance world. Boy, was I not only naïve, but also wrong!

At the start of my journey, I was utterly astounded by the amount I did not know in regards to setting myself up as a freelance translator. There were a ton of things I had no knowledge of which left me feeling baffled, overwhelmed and defeated for a short time, however I came through this with a lot of work and effort and now feel I am much better equipped with the tools and knowledge I need to stand out and succeed in this fierce and competitive industry. I must say, setting yourself up is a lengthy and somewhat tiresome process and two highly beneficial qualities are perseverance and patience! Having said that, it is also rather exciting and exhilarating when you start to see yourself making progress, little by little, one step at a time. Although I am much better equipped and more knowledgeable these days, I am still very much on a learning process and it would appear that the learning process is continuous and never stops in a translator’s professional life.

I must say, setting yourself up is a lengthy and somewhat tiresome process and two highly beneficial qualities are perseverance and patience!

Due to the difficulties I encountered in my first few months of setting up and with thanks to @OlgaJeNo for inviting me to be a guest writer on her blog, I have decided to write a series of posts on this topic sharing my experiences and journey with the hope that it will inspire and help any newbies or aspiring translators/interpreters into this demanding yet fascinating industry.

Feel free to leave your comments below and I will be sure to get back to you!

¡Hasta la próxima!


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  1. Dear Emma, thank you for your post. I am considering a freelance career as well. It thrills and scares me at the same time and I just cannot do that first step. I am currently employed in an agency and I enjoy all the benefits of a regular job, but I am not too happy with where I am. Seeing the industry getting rougher and rougher by the year, Im very scared about what the future brings for translators, which is the main reason for my concearns. Would you embark on the freelance boat again? Do you have any advice that woul help me make the final decision? I will be very grateful in you did. 🙂

    Me gusta

    1. Dear Petra,

      I am replying on behalf of Emma as I know what means to be a freelance translator. I understand your situation and your feelings. Please be sure that first steps are always difficult however if you feel uncomfortable at your agency do not hesitate to start this new adventure. Maybe the most difficult is to have regular clients. We always look at new ones by internet, through our professional contacts or even friends… I wish you good luck and please fee free to write us whenever you have more questions or doubts.

      All the best,

      Me gusta

  2. Hello dear Emma
    It was really exhilarating to read your encouraging article and allow me to tell you that by reading your article really gave me a hope to keep following and fighting for what I really want whatever it takes..
    Thank you so much for deciding to share your inspiring experience.
    I’d be so grateful if you provide me with a book to read related to translation field!

    Me gusta

    1. Hello Nahed and welcome to the blog!
      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Emma’s post. Would you be so kind to let me know which kind of book are you looking for? I have some good titles to share with you but firstly I want to be sure that this is what you really need as there are tones of lectures. So please let me know and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

      Many thanks for your comment and for your time. I I wish you good luck in your work.

      All the best,

      Me gusta

      1. Good evening DEAR,
        I’d like you to recommend me with books or tutorial sources that could help in Translation and Interpreting career, which is my major..

        Thanks in advance>>

        Me gusta

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