6 ways how translators can help Ukraine

As a person, not only a translator, marketer or PhD student, I condemn the Russian Federation’s military invasion of Ukraine. We all know the Russian regime is attempting to excuse a military assault and they are at the same time falsifying history to share only the data they find relevant for them. But what a... Leer más →

Christmas (yummy) terminology

So, Christmas is almost here! This is why we want to introduce you to some international dishes prepared during this special period of the year. We want to present you some of the main dishes and drinks that you can find in some of the main European countries. Do you know where to eat a... Leer más →

30 of the best free online dictionaries and thesauri

This is the first time we are proposing a list of 30 free online dictionaries and thesauri exclusively in English. We have already presented different posts about linguistic tools, such as glossaries and international dictionaries. We hope you find it useful, and welcome any suggestions for improvement or contributions for future linguistic posts. So please have a seat: Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary online: an interactive dictionary with... Leer más →

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