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On behalf of the FIT LatAm Executive Committee, we would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with colleagues in the region and for giving us such an interesting talk. It has been a great success, we continue receiving a lot of very positive feedback – we received more than 300 registration requests, breaking our own record!
It was an honour to have you as a speaker and we look forward to another opportunity.

– Dagmar F. 


Thank you very much for your comments, Olga. It was a pleasure to meet you again (since I found you through your blog some time ago). I also thank you for being an inspiration in this great profession we share.

P. R.

Hello, Olga! I’ve been following you since I started studying, back in 2014. Your blog, 20 000 lenguas, is the best thing I have read (and continue to read) and I congratulate you wholeheartedly for that. You motivate so many people and that is a very, very touching thing nowadays.
I wish you all the happiness and all the success that can exist.

Pablo M.

In an environment full of useless blogs, Olga’s blog “20000lenguas” stands out for everything: presentation, writing, timeliness and especially, for how easy, useful and informative it is to read. I highly recommend following it, as well as the author’s Twitter account, @OlgaJeNo. Thanks, Olga!

Noelia G.

Thanks Olga! I really like what you write and share. And your professionalism and integrity in a market mined of bad practices. Thank you.

Laura R.

Congratulations to AETI UCO for the fantastic organisation of this talk and many thanks to Olga for sharing her experiences and advice with us.

Sabine H.

Hi Olga! I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring presentation in Bologna. It was a pleasure to listen to your insights!

Berenice F.

I have been fortunate to have known Olga for almost 10 years, and in this time we have not only developed a professional collaboration in the world of translation, but we have established a solid friendship that is a deep source of nourishment for me both personally and professionally.

Olga is a person who excels in everything she does. She has very special diverse talents and unlimited potential for growth. When I think of Olga, I think of excellence. She combines innate talent and intelligence with an unwavering dedication to everything she sets her mind to and the result of her efforts is always the utmost excellence. 

Alexandra S.

Olga has collaborated in the Degree in Translation and Interpreting by giving workshops to students in order to bring the professional reality to the classroom. I have received very positive feedback on the quality of the content she teaches, her approachability and the connection she makes with the “real” world of the professional translator. Olga is a pleasure to work with because of her professionalism and friendliness. The students are always delighted because they discover the profession from a more practical perspective. In addition, she is always willing to get involved and embark on new adventures. Wherever Olga goes, she is always a guarantee of success and quality.