6 ways how translators can help Ukraine

    February 28th, 2022

As a person, not only a translator, marketer or PhD student, I condemn the Russian Federation’s military invasion of Ukraine. We all know the Russian regime is attempting to excuse a military assault and they are at the same time falsifying history to share only the data they find relevant for them. But what a single person can do in this situation and how to help being a translator who works with different language pairs unfortunately not using Ukrainian as one of them? This is the main question very present on all social media, especially Twitter where to find the most recent data about the invasion of Ukraine.

I am Polish and I am familiar with some initiatives taking part in my country. I am also in touch with Ukrainian friends and I verify the sources of all shared information. So, here you will find some meaningful ways to help the Ukrainian colleagues, friends, family, nation. Even the smallest initiative is more than welcome, so do not hesitate to spear the voice as we are all in this together.

Translator database for Poland

This is a central database of translators to help Ukraine. Poland will receive people from that country who speak different languages, there’s no need to know Polish. A mass evacuation of hospitals and wounded is being prepared. Help may be needed via Skype, telephone, WhatsApp, social media and directly in hospitals and administration offices. Of course, this is a charity action. You can fill the form if you want to help and you are a Polish translator. Even if Polish, Ukrainian or Russian are not one of the languages you work, you can also share the information and this e-mail address pomoc@tlumaczedlaukrainy.pl to make some noice that can be useful for others.

Helping Ukrainians with animals

If you have a dog, a cat or any other animal you know how important it is for you: it is a member of your family. Same happens in a military situation like the one our Ukrainian neighbors are facing. The Centaurus Foundation is a Polish foundation helping refugees with animals. You can do a donation and they will do all the possible to help as they are working now on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Direct help from the Polish Government to Ukrainian citizens

This is the official website of the Polish Government fully dedicated to Ukrainian refugees looking for help before coming to Poland and once they arrive to Poland. You can find the same information on Twitter using the hashtag #PomagamUkrainie (I help Ukraine). The information is available in Polish and Ukrainian so you will need to use a translation software to learn more about it or you can directly write me to help you. I will be more than glad to translate any information for you, so please do not hesitate. 

Become a volunteer translator for Translators Without Borders

Join them even if you are not a translator but you are over 18 years old. Any kind of linguistic help is more than welcome. So please share the information and the link to help Ukrainian citizens.

International Associations

You can still help even if you don’t speak Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian or Russian. In this article by TimeOut you will find a complete list of associations like the Ukrainian Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and so many more. Check them out and get familiar with it.


Something easy where to start: join a local Facebook group based geographically near your hometown. It is a source of inspiration and a way to get in touch with local organizations preparing all kind of necessary material to help people staying in Ukraine and the ones that are refugees in some of the European countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldavia. These kind of groups are relatively well organized and you can learn a lot of what is happening. Behind these groups you can find people directly in contact with major humanitarian organizations, embassies and local foundations helping directly in Ukraine.

I am sure there are many more websites and platforms where to find information to help our Ukrainian colleagues. I suggest you to check the source before doing a donation because sometimes there’s more need for other kind of material. In any case, if you have a doubt, a question or you want to ask anything please do not hesitate to share this article and contact me. I am happy to help.


Olga Jeczmyk

Translator-Interpreter, Social Media Queen, Marketer & PhD survivor

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